Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gillian's demotion party success

By Past President Gillian Bradshaw

Hello to my "former subjects"!

Greetings from Providence, RI - appropriate location since Providence is "the power sustaining and guiding human destiny" which is what we Rotarians are trying to do ... and of course RI is not only the abbreviation for Rhode Island ...?! Providence indeed!

Anyway, my Demotion party was absolutely BRILLIANT! THANK YOU!

I was "shaken, not stirred" by our very own Tom Bond (a hair-raising experience!) - thank you so much to Tom and his beautiful wife, Sonya - our hosts at Mahony Castle!

What a tremendous honor to have our "Queen of the District" Johrita in attendance, along with her husband, and her "XOs" Rae and Roy, as well as others from the District - I hope you will join us at many more events! I can't wait to see what Mark Brubaker (or was that"Mike?!) cooks up for Mody next year!

I'm glad that Bret still has his head on his shoulders after surviving his year as DG, though I guess he knew he was going to as "Priceless" Shapiro had managed to!

And Mody --- thanks for toning it down a little -- I know you had wanted to do some outrageous things that would not befit a new President! Seriously, though, I know you have been planning this for months - now you can relax (oh no, you can't - you have to run 52 meetings, 12 Board meetings, attend President's Dinners .... and so much more - and all so much fun!).

I'm not lying when I say I was "speechless" when I saw the video Randy created - I can't wait to have a copy! I love Rowan Atkinson and Monty Python and do indeed try to "always look on the bright side of life! I can't wait to show it (and the flyer) to my family in England next month! They may be having second thoughts about where I chose to emigrate?!

Speaking of lies ... er ... spies ... I think Austin (no, not that Austin as in Wall) Powers aka Tony Murcia has to win the prize for best costume and performance! Yeah baby!

Rick Topping - it is a rare person who can pull Robin away from a camping weekend or yoga retreat - well done - and thanks for getting him to our wedding on time as our best man! And also for inviting your goddaughter, Caroline, and her sister Sarah and husband Kevin - I can't think of a better way for us to have a family gathering! And, of course, without you, I wouldn't have joined ISRC!!

Al, I was honored to be initiated into the Jewish ... er ... what was that .... todaraba and Shalom for that!

Diane, it was such fun to have you part of the party rather than sweating it out in the kitchen!! I bet you can make a mean Shepherd's pie and trifle, though?! The ringlets did indeed save buying another wig - and your role in the skit was very clever.

And the other "jesters at court" were very amusing too - Mark, Dale, Barry, Al, Vicki, Mody, Tom, Rick .... who have I missed?!

Luana - as always, clever decorations and "sweets" - I loved the tea bag flowers, and "anyone for coffee, Mate?!"

And Kathy, because I know you had a big hand in all of this, party-giver supreme!

The food was delicious! Very authentic indeed - I thought the caterer might have been The Olde Ship, but Robin thought not?! Scrumptious!

It was great to see so many members, and so many guests!

Bob, Becky, and Dan - it was so nice that you could join us too!

Oh, I could go on all night (actually, I have gone on all night - it is 4 am in Rhode Island!), and I am sorry if I missed anyone!

So I will bid you adieu and leave you singing "Always look on the bright side of life" because that's what this Rotary family makes me do!

Thanks again a "gillian" times!