Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anaheim over the years

by Ray Sanford

Anaheim native Steve Faessel gave a fascinating history of Anaheim and Orange County, complete with photos of the early years.

Faessel served on the Orange County Historical Commission until June 2006. Faessel served on the Commission’s Editorial Board for the republishing of the Orange County history, 100 Years of Yesterdays. He has served as the Commission’s Chair for the 2000 and 2001 terms.

He is a volunteer researcher for the Anaheim Public Library in the Elizabeth Schultz Local History Room. In addition to being the Anaheim Public Utility Department’s unofficial Historian, he has written a number of articles on Anaheim including his recently published illustrated local history books for Arcadia Publishing, Early Anaheim, and Anaheim: 1940-2007. In addition to these, Faessel recently completed a large format illustrated history of Anaheim for Turner Publishing: Historic Photos of Anaheim. A new small-format book for Turner Publishing: Recalling Anaheim has just been published.