Saturday, July 31, 2010

Presenting Romanians to the world

by Gillian Bradshaw

Alex Ureche, a member of the Costa Mesa Rotary club, talked about a project he is championing in rural Romania, to provide a sound education for disadvantaged children, giving them the literacy, English, and communication skills to help them "change the things they can" and present to the world".

Having worked with local workmen, parents and volunteers in the village to build a school, Alex collaborated with Rotary clubs in the US and Romania to obtain a Rotary Matching Grant to create a multi-media center in the school so the children can learn about the world via the internet. He also works with city students to gain leadership skills by interacting and helping to educate the rural children.

Other projects have included dental screenings (much like the ones our Rotary club helps with in Ensenada), Christmas shopping excursions, and a mobile library (that could also serve as a dental van).

It is always interesting to learn about how much difference Rotarians make in the lives of others - thanks Alex!