Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving with Marines

by Tim Wolin

We participated in the Marines' Thanksgiving that Rick Topping proposed. It was great. I think my family enjoyed it more than the marines. My son and I picked them up early in the morning. The marines had MREs for breakfast, so we immediately went to breakfast (again). Later my wife put out a huge Thanksgiving dinner.

We ended up on the phone with both of their families (Texas and Missouri) and all exchanged contact info.

We are excited about next year as well.

This was a cool email from one of the Marine's moms:

I love this pic! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. It's so nice to know there are families out there that are looking out for our boys when they are away from home on holidays. God will certainly bless you for that!

Thank goodness for those women that enjoy cooking! I know Justin and his friend really enjoyed a good home-cooked meal. Please thank your wife for that.

If you take any more pics today please don't hesitate sending them on to me.

I'm going to send this pic to everyone on my email list!

Be sure and look us up when you pass thru. We will always have a place for you and your family here @ our home.

Thanks and God Bless!