Monday, August 30, 2010

S'More Fun at the Beach

by Gillian Bradshaw

Hooray for Cisca's Annual Beach Party at Dana Point (Lifeguard Station #7 - staked out at 6 am by Cisca who drove her truck with a big trailer with tables, chairs, lanterns, firewood… you name it - she has this down to a fine art!).
The early birds enjoyed fun at the beach, including Cisca's nephews, Ian and Griffin
 who spent lots of time in the water ( swimming, digging to China,etc.). The sun came out around noon to the joy of the sunbathers .
Most people arrived in the late afternoon - Bret & Natalie, Woody & Deana; Austin and Barbara, Ray, Tony, Richard & Joanne; Mark Brubaker, Susan and their son
 and Gillian & Robin. It was also nice to see former member Carl Balzanti and Valerie. 
Ray took charge of the grilling and there was an amazing variety of meat brought by several people, a wonderful foccacia garlic bread, lots of salads and other accoutrements - delicious! Of course, the best part of the day was sitting around the fire after dark (in our Snowball Express caps!), listening to the waves and toasting our marshmallows over the fire to make S'mores - yum!
By 10 pm (beach closing time) everything was packed up (again, under Cisca's direction, with everything in its exact spot - and tied down with bungee cords) and off she went. Having left the remaining wood for another group to enjoy, Gillian and Robin noticed, as they were driving off, that our neighbors had taken it and thrown it all on the fire at the same time - I am sure it lit up the whole of Dana Point!
Thanks to Cisca for this massive undertaking - and here's to "S'more" great beach parties in the years to come!