Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 23, 2012 Program Notes -Irvine Rotary Club welcomes new member Beth

Beth, owner of Paradise Perks coffeehouse, is the newest member of IRC.  Lucy introduced her to the club.  She;s an OC local and graduated from UCLA in Political Science, and has an MBA from Claremont Graduate School.  In 1984, she worked for the LA Olympics and from there became the special events coordinator for the City of Long Beach.

Beth parlayed this experience into a job at the Cityof Monterey Park as the assistant manager.  After 4 1/2 years she ran for public office in 1992 and won.  She administered the Cable Communications as public affairs maanger for Jones Intercable in Alexandria, VA.  Her next stint was at Legg Mason and worked in the investment arena.  While in VA she started fthe first Drumming Circle. 

As the eldes daughter, she chose to move back to OC a few years ago to care for her mom.  Needing more to do in her life, she began Paradise Perks, where "all my nerdiness comes out", says Beth.  She's inflected some cool things into the coffeehouse including board game nights, networking and bringing people together, holding special events, participating in community events, and hosting a Comedy Night.
Please welcome Beth to our club!