Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Irvine Rotary Club Meeting Notes-May 2, 2012--Irvine Police Department Public Safety Awards

IRC has a partnership with the Irvine Police Department.  For two years, on a Quarterly basis, the club recognizes and awards Irvine citizens that assist the police with solving crimes and catching criminals.  We have the pleasure of hosting the police officers, police chief, and the citizens during a rotary meeting and presenting checks as their just rewards.

The latest award program presented tennis instructor Chuck Brymer with a check for $125 each for their involvement in solving a string of burglaries that was occurring around the South Lake Tennis Club during the daytime, over a four month period of time.  A keen tennis instructor made the initial identification that a strange car was driving around the lot, and noticed his trunk was open.  Chuck ran out to the car and tried to grab the suspect, wrestling with him.  Police were called by other tennis members, but things moved quickly.  When the suspect jumped in his car, with his three year old son in the car, the car jumped the curb and died.  The suspect grabbed his son and started running away.   Vested community members witnessed this, stayed a safe distanced and followed the suspect.  The final outcome, the suspect was arrested for robbery, burglary and receiving stolen property.  Wallets, jewelry and computers in his car trunk were identified from other burglaries in another community. 

Chuck donated his check back to the rotary!  What a great guy!