Sunday, February 5, 2012

Irvine Community Service Awards

The Irvine Police Department came out in force to our meeting today for the IRC Community Service Award. Chief, Dave Maggard, also President of the California Police Chief Association, Commander Barry Aninag, Sergeant Amy Quiorz, Officer Tanya Ayalde and Dan Young, a special coordinator for the Irvine Police Department Community Partnership with Irvine Rotary, were on hand.
Young explained that Irvine Police Department has a program designed for public safety to help families register people that might be susceptible to danger wandering off with dementia. It is called the Return Home Registry. They get the endangered person’s name, personal information, description and emergency contact information of those caring for the vulnerable population. Also a juvenile run away program too. It is a new program that is successful.
Sergeant Amy Quiorz discussed an incident on 12/27/11, Tuesday night, in Irvine. Officer Tanya Ayalde and Sergeant Amy Quiorz were working the Tuesday night shift called “alpha”, also known as the grave yard shift that they work Mon.-Thur. from 9 p.m. until 7 a.m. Normally they have a briefing of the days events, assignments and boards of events from other local police agencies in O.C.
Of significance was a report of an 81 year old man with dementia, who had been missing for 18 hours from Santa Ana that his family had reported missing. At 10:30 p.m. on 12/27/11 a call went out to Ayalde and Quiorz that there was a suspicious person outside the block wall fence at the Husken’ family’s residence. The father Todd Husken’s called the Irvine P.D. because his daughter, Joli had heard some strange noises in the brush behind their home near Irvine Center Drive. There was an elderly man hidden in the bushes but he won’t respond to them. He was very cold and shaking. The police came to the Husken’s home and found the missing elderly man that was lost and disoriented. They called the man’s son and took the elderly man to the hospital. The Irvine P.D. later called the Husken family and thanked them for being such great citizens helping this disabled man. The conditions were such that this man would might never have been found as he was hidden by view of any road way or walk way.

The Irvine Police Chief said that there was a new project in Irvine’s Great Park the ground breaking of a 5,000 new residence plan. It would move more resources into Irvine even though Irvine is in good financial condition it is still difficult times.
There was a question about the movement of prisoners out of prison and also being transferred into County jails. There is impact in O.C. but the impact drastically varies from county to county. This was mandated by federal judge because the prisons were failing to give adequate health care to the prisoners. Some non-dangerous are released, others that need rehab are placed in facilities that help their addiction issues. The goal is less parole and more probation supervision. Like ankle braclets but it depends on the conviction. Releasing non-violent and non-sex offenders. So far the State has 35,000 people released from prisons into the communities of California.