Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Laguna Playhouse Youth Theatre Director Donna Inglima

Donna Inglima
Donna Inglima, The Laguna Playhouse Youth Theatre Director, discussed the important work the Playhouse's youth education and theatre program provides, a program supported by IRC. The club recently supported the production of a world premiere, the first for the theatre, of Looking For Home, Stories From The Orphan Trains.

Beginning in 1853-1930's, Charles Lauren Brace, the founder of the Children's Aid Society of New York, executed a program to move more than 250,000 kids off the streets of New York City and into homes. Homeless and abandoned children were taken off the streets, clothes and fed, and then moved by train to homes in the midwest. The show is a tale of adults and youth, the memory is a play set in 1922. The music, lyrics and books were created by Mary Murffitt, playwright. She also was adopted, and interviewed an orphan train survivor, where she developed the play's concept. The train made different stops along a route, the kids were presented like slaves on stage. Some went to a wonderful family, others not so lucky.

YT Director Donna Ingliima
The show explores abuse, love and the many issues in adoption with a cost of 38, 22 children ages 9-17. It's a deep story of laughter, sorrow and hope. The show appeared for two weeks, and had three weeks in production. It premiered in November during National Adoption Month. The club's contribution of $1500 helped to support Boys & Girls Club kids to come to the show.