Monday, November 14, 2011

IRC Bowlathon Raises $5,317 for rotary projects

Thoughts from Diane Braasch, event coordinator for rotary Bowlathon:

As night sets in, I am enjoying the thoughts of todays Bowlathon. It is wonderful to have Rotary friends and some of you sure stepped up to help our event fly. It was not the best weekend to have this event due to the long weekend and people taking advantage of a getaway, but 90 people attended. 10 businesses paid $250 to fly a banner on the lanes for the three hours'. We were able to take advantage of the bowling centers hospitality. . Forest Lanes was so professional in taking care of our every need. The professional bowlers who turned out to bowl with us were some of the best. The PBA stars who I usually can get to bowl with us, were in Vegas bowling the World Series of Bowling but our local pros scored well. Toni Thomas brought some of her homemade Christmas decorations for the silent auction. They were beautiful. Leslie Mogul and Stella Cardoza did a beautiful basket including tickets to Laguna Playhouse, Robyn Nelson brought a basket with Christmas goodies and Marla Noel a fabulous Tequila basket. I made a bunch of baskets and was happy to see that all our baskets sold in the silent auction The most unusual gift was an Adult Pogo Stick donated by Rich Milo. and a diamond pendant from Ken Carrell of the Jewelry Box in Lake Forest. Forest Lanes donated a 2 hour party for six.. I purchased some fun gifts for everyone to win. Most everyone took home something and on the lanes were treated to lollipops in the bowling theme. For those of you who did not join us just because you wanted to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon at home.......well, you lose because it was sooo fun. The scores were varied and I know some of you wil have a few aches tomorrow...but be assured, YOU are making a difference in our charitable causes. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ATTENDED AND SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO GAVE ....Isn't that what Rotary is all about? This event net $5317 to our Rotary Foundation. Not bad for a fun three hours at the bowling center......

Thank you and thanks for all your help, Diane Braasch