Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Incredible Egg-Irvine Rotary Club Meeting Notes, Wed., Sept. 14, 2011

Discussing the importance of animal welfare and innovative technology in modern agriculture, Brandy Gamoning of Hidden Villa Ranch presented information about the production and processing of eggs to the Rotary Club of Irvine. The presentation took the group through a virtual tour of an egg ranch—from production to processing. She also answered the groups many questions about different label claims such as and the healthfulness of eggs.

Hidden Villa Ranch is a national shell and liquid egg production, distribution, and marketing company based in Fullerton, California. Their ranches in Southern California and across the country produce both conventional and specialty eggs including organic, cage free, omega-3 and other nutrient fortified eggs.

They are committed to providing American consumers with safe, quality, affordable food. This mission relies on humane treatment of their hens and the use of innovative processing technology.

For more information on Hidden Villa Ranch’s products and services, visit

Brandy Gamoning