Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lawrence White receives first Public Safety Award

We were honored to have the Chief of the Irvine Police Department, David Maggard, and several of his staff attend our meeting this week as part of a new partnership with the Irvine Rotary Club.

Today's award was presented to Lawrence White, a security officer at the Irvine Spectrum who helped to solve a well-publicized crime. He noticed an individual who looked "out of place" one night as the stores were closing. Upon questioning him he found he was the Assistant Manager of a store that engraved IPhones and other Apple equipment. Just to be certain, he followed him into the store, where the man clearly knew his way around - it seemed he was telling the truth. However, when hundreds of these devices were stolen a few days later, Mr. White immediately suspected this individual and called the police - sure enough he was the thief and they caught him red-handed!

Congratulations to Mr White, and thanks to his wife, the Irvine Police Safety Director, and the other member of the Police Department for attending and making this award so special.

Thanks to Lucy Walther for initiating this partnership as part of our commitment to help keep Irvine safe. A quarterly award will be given to individuals within the community who have helped prevent or solve a crime.