Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Party

A very jolly time was spent at our annual Holiday party, brilliantly coordinated by Barry Brown and Kathy White, with Luana's superb Christmas House decorations, and with Phil as our bar tender!

The Groves community center was tastefully decorated, with a beautiful Christmas tree and many teddy bears that will later be donated to needy children.

The food was delicious - prime rib and all the trimmings, and a great variety of appetizers and deserts.

We had two skilled musicians playing the guitar and piano, with the highlight being the carol singing at the end, particularly "The Twelve Days of Christmas" - Woody did a fine rendition of the "Five Gold Rings" and most people came in on cue (with Peter and others juggling two "day" too!).

Definitely a great start to the season and we look forward to next year's celebration!