Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Geologist turns Lawyer?

Our speaker today was our own Mark Brubaker who gave his "craft talk". While I think most of us thought "oh, we know what attorneys do", we were very interested and entertained by Mark's talk - starting with his birthplace, Cortez in Montezuma County, Colorado (population 8,000).

Here he enjoyed a very family-oriented life and many outdoor pursuits, including hunting. Geology seemed a natural career to pursue, so Mark studied geology and chemistry at Fort Louis College in Durango, paying his way by building houses in Green River, Wyoming, and working as a summer intern at an oil company.

As a geologist, he worked for a gold mining company in the Carolinas and Mexico and then (like other gold seekers before him) found himself moving West. Since there was no gold to be found in Santa Monica, he decided to go to law school instead - and ended up using his geology and law education by representing McDonnell Douglas on toxic oil spills and the effects on the environment (imagine that ... BP could really use his help now in the Gulf of Mexico!). He also worked on the Apollo 8 oxygen system project.

The next step in his interesting career was working in a huge international law firm in Irvine with 3,000 attorneys, before setting up his own business managing business transactions and litigation.

Mark has been married to his wife, Susan, for 17 years (also an attorney - yikes) and is enjoying raising his 14 year old son, Jonathan (an avid water polo player), and 10 year old daughter, Katie (a budding ballerina) - not forgetting his 2 year old labrador.

Thanks Mark! We always love to learn more about our members, "new and old" - and it is especially good for us to get to know our President-Elect better!