Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Former Irvine Spectrum Rotarian Enters Assembly Race

Dan Hoffman, a former Irvine Spectrum Rotary Club member, expressed his desire to run for California State Assembly. Petitioning to put his name on the ballot, Hoffman will run for the 70th District. Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R) currently holds the 70th District seat, which includes Irvine. DeVore is leaving the Assembly due to term limits. After giving a brief review of politics in California, Hoffman shared the procedure of running for office.

Hoffman, who has lived in Irvine in 15 years, states he is the best Republican to take this seat. He expressed his concern for the current state of California and said that is the main reason he is running. Current issues with California include the loss of $16 billion and paying more money for California’s prisons versus education. Tuitions at state universities have increased exponentially across California, wherein salaries for correction officers exceed that of educators. Hoffman went on to share that in 2006 California spent $227 million in overtime to certain groups of corrections officers.

As a result of the economy, according to Hoffman, there have been severe cuts across the state affecting all services. As a result many incumbents are disillusioned and not looking to run for office again. The state’s loss of a substantial amount of its budget is the main reason Hoffman says he is running for office, “I’m looking to raise money and create jobs for the state without raising taxes.” Hoffman also believes it is time to stop passing laws for the sake of passing laws.