Monday, May 18, 2009

The Liver Foundation

Our guest speaker this week was Jessica Goltermann. She came to tell us about the American Liver Foundation, and the upcoming Liver Walk for Life on June 27, and other fund raising events for their foundation. While there, she invited us to support their many efforts. It was very helpful to have Dr Paul also share some information about how Hepatitis B, a liver disease, can affect people.

The Past President's report today was given by Cisca Stellhorn. President from 2007-2008. Cisca opened her talk in the same manner she opened her meetings as president, by ringing a bell. During her year, each week was celebrated by a different bell and its story. Cisca has collected bells from all over the world in her travels, and we were never lacking for an interesting tale surrounding the collection.

One of the amazing items that year was the amount of grants and matching grants received by our club. This was due to a great deal of work by Ray Sanford and others. The club worked on Habitat for Humanity, Irvine Dental Clinic, Ensenada Dental Clinic, wheel chairs sent to Mexico, Reading by Nine, equipping a dental van for Dr. Tosier and trips to Ensenada. It was with many rewards.

Our fund raisers that year were the Cash Bash and a Golf Tournament. The golf tournament was in May, a month we get little rain. However, that year, there was a hail storm three minutes before the tee off! And then, half way through the game the tournament was stopped because of more rain. All the golfers came back to the club house and waited for it to clear. Something that never happens that time of year!

The International Convention that year was in LA. Cisca rounded up a bus and brought together 110 guests attending the convention from all over the world to a party at her home. It was a great opportunity for club members to meet and spend time with Rotary members from across the world world.